Customer Charter


We will aim to provide up-to-date correct information about our services. We will provide printed information that is easily understood and which is available on our vehicles. We will endeavour to give advance notice of all changes to fares as far in advance as possible and at least 14 days’ notice of changes to services. Information will be supplied to customers on request through the post. Notification will be displayed on vehicles, and at other information points.


Up to date timetable, route or frequency information is displayed at the majority of our bus stops. Driving staff are supplied with timetables and fares information relating to the services operated by the Company. When possible staff will assist with enquiries from customers. In the event of substantial disruption of services updated details will, where possible, be passed to local authorities and bus stations.


Your Journey


We endeavour to ensure that 95% of our services depart within a window of '1 minute early / 5 minutes late'. This standard is set by the Traffic Commissioner for all local bus services in England, Scotland and Wales. D&G Bus will not run early. However we cannot control or influence traffic and there may be times when despite our very best efforts your bus may be delayed; in these circumstances please be patient.


You can help us when you board by stating your destination clearly and having the correct change (although we do give change) and moving to your seat quickly and safety. We aim to provide seats for all our customers, except for short duration journeys or at peak times when customers may be required to stand. The buses will be equipped with up-to-date electronic ticket machines which allow us to keep track of our customers travel plans.


Your Bus


Our vehicles should always show clear destinations and a route number. If you see one which you believe is incorrect please write to us at the address below, stating the time, date, location of the vehicle and the route you believe it was on. We want to give you a quality service. Wherever possible we will ensure that your route has a team of regular drivers; this enables us to deliver a reliable service and contributes to developing a friendly service with you, our customers. Vehicles will be cleaned regularly inside and out.  Smoking is not permitted on our vehicles.




D&G Bus has to operate in a commercialised, privatised industry.  We will charge fares which allow our Company to generate sufficient profits to recover costs. Fares will alter to reflect changes and to allow us to maintain our financial objectives.


Comments and Suggestions


We welcome your thoughts, good as well as bad, as this is what helps us to improve our service. If you have a problem, comment or suggestions please write to us at:

     D&G Bus

     Mossfield Road

     Adderley Green


     ST3 5BW


It will always help if you can keep your ticket and send this to us as well. We aim to reply to everyone who contacts us within five working days, but please be aware that this can take longer if further investigation is required.