How do I catch a D&G Bus?


Travelling with D&G Bus is easy! Just check the time your bus is due and wait at the bus stop - please arrive at the stop five minutes before the advertised time to make sure we don't miss you. If there is no stop, wait in a safe place where the bus has enough room to stop.


When the bus approaches, put your arm out to let the driver know you want to get on. Tell the driver where you are going and show your pass if you have one. Our most popular tickets are 'singles', where you pay for one journey to a specified point. However if you plan to make another journey on one of our buses on the same day it may be better value to buy another type of ticket - click on the 'Tickets' link on the left to see our full range. If you are not sure ask the driver for the best ticket to suit your plans.


If you are buying a ticket please try to have the correct money ready before you board the bus. If you're not sure about the fare or don't have the right change don't worry - we accept contactless, including Apple Pay and Google Pay (for transactions up to £30), and our drivers can usually offer change for notes up to £10 (at busy times this may not be possible but we can arrange a refund after your journey if necessary, but hopefully the driver will gather enough change during your journey to give to you as you leave the bus). If you want to know a particular fare, call us on 01782 332337 (Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent) or 01270 252970 (Cheshire).


If you have an electronic 'smartcard' pass you may be asked to place it onto the card reader on the ticket machine. if you are unsure of how to do this, or have difficulty in reaching, please ask the driver.


Some multi-use tickets may be printed with a 'QR code' which needs scanning each time you board the bus - the driver will assist you if you're not sure how to do this.


We have space on all of our buses for one wheelchair which is on a first-come-first-served basis - please be aware that we are unable to guarantee that the space will be available and we are unable to book journeys in advance. Pushchairs are able to use the wheelchair area if it is not occupied, but if a passenger using a wheelchair boards we ask that pushchairs be folded and stored in the luggage racks. All of our buses are fitted with ramps and the step can be lowered - if you need assistance boarding just ask the driver.


Once you are on the bus, take a seat and enjoy your journey. When the bus approaches your stop, press the bell button once and remain in your seat until the bus has stopped.


When you leave the bus take care as they may be a small gap between the bus and the footpath, particularly in areas where there are no fixed bus stops. If you have a pushchair it may be easier to go backwards to prevent the pushchair getting caught between the bus and the kerb - if you have any difficulties please ask the driver to lower the step of the bus.