Our Mobile Tickets allow you to buy your travel in advance and make a savings on unlimited travel tickets compared to buying tickets on board our buses

Before you Buy

You will need to have an online account with us to use Mobile Tickets, any device you use to access your account will be able to show all your tickets.  Mobile Tickets (paperless tickets) are delivered to your mobile phone via our website or our app and you will need to use your phone data to access your ticket. They are known as M-Tickets. Please note that they are not available on all operating systems.

Before you buy your tickets via our website please check that the mobile device you intend to use them on is compatible with our tickets.  Instructions to do this are available during the purchase process and we advise that you check this before you purchase your tickets.

Please also ensure that your ticket is valid for the journey you are planning to make prior to travelling, as we will not be able to refund M-Tickets purchased in error for the incorrect zone.  Refunds will also not be given for any activated tickets.    

Please note that Day tickets are valid until midnight on the day of activation.

All m-tickets are available for the user to activate within 12 months from the date of purchase.  For any 10 trip m-tickets, all trips are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, which means all trips need to be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.  After this period the ticket will automatically expire and the trips will be lost.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring you carry your mobile phone on your planned journeys, your phone will be subject for inspection by our driver and so it must be functioning properly and fully charged for the duration of your journeys.   

You will be required to present your M-ticket to the driver when you board and will need to have sufficient data to access your ticket.  Please note a screenshot of your ticket is not a valid presentation of your ticket and will not be accepted by the driver for travel.

There is a QR code scanner on the ticket machine for services operated by our Luton and Leicester depot.  You will be required to scan your QR code on the reader in order to validate the ticket. M-tickets must be activated from within the Mobile Application before travel in order to validate the M-ticket.

If the ticket machine on the service you are travelling on (services operated by our Grantham and Stevenage depot) does not have a QR code scanner, the driver will visually validate the ticket.  This will be done by checking the photograph on the ticket matches the person travelling and checking the ticket is valid for the journey you are making by noting the type of ticket and the expiry date with the scrolling countdown on the timer.

Due to the wide variety of mobile phone handsets and networks we are unable to offer technical support or assistance. You may incur data usage charges from your mobile phone operator for downloading a ticket. You should check with your network provider as to what charges may apply.

Each passenger will be required to have his/her own account and display the ticket on an appropriate handset.  

We shall not provide duplicate or replacement tickets. The ticket must be stored on your mobile phone until the date and time of travel and such safekeeping shall be your responsibility. M-tickets are non-transferable.

By purchasing an M-ticket, you agree to cooperate with the bus inspector and let him/her clearly view the ticket on your mobile phone and corresponding nominated identification and you acknowledge that you may be requested to hand over your mobile phone and corresponding nominated identification voluntarily for inspection. If you do not produce your ticket or hand over your mobile phone and corresponding nominated identification upon a request to do so by the bus inspector, the bus inspector shall be entitled to consider that you are travelling without a ticket.

Please take note of the terms of use and restrictions notified during the booking process.